Do You Know Anything about Notary Public?

A notary public is a legal professional who can confirm your identity and the legal documents you require for business purposes. As a business owner, dealing with paperwork can be challenging, and notary publics can help simplify this process for you. Regarding providing legal advice, there are two types of notary publics: common law and civil law. According to a notary public in Toronto, these professionals who fall under common law, are not authorized to provide legal advice as it is not their duty, and the government does not qualify them to offer such a service. Their primary function is to ensure no issues or doubts regarding your identity. On the other hand, civil law notaries can provide legal services as they are trained and qualified to do so. Therefore, knowing the type of notary public you require to obtain the appropriate services is important.

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One of the Main Responsibilities of a Notary Public

Notary publics are responsible for confirming the identity of the person signing a document and ensuring that the signature is made voluntarily without any pressure. If there is any issue with the person’s identity, the notary public may state that the signature is invalid, and the document will not be signed or stamped. Such a document will be considered illegal. However, if the notary public confirms that the signature and identity are correct, they will sign and seal the document themselves. It should be emphasized that notary publics have a significant responsibility in verifying the validity and legal enforceability of important legal documents. It is therefore imperative that one’s identity is verified and confirmed by a notary public prior to signing any such document. This ensures that the document is legally binding and that the parties involved are fully aware of the legal responsibilities and implications associated with it.

The Difference between a Notary Public and a Paralegal

Notary publics are not authorized to advise on legal issues. If you require legal advice or assistance, you should consult a paralegal. Paralegals can help with specific legal matters such as landlord and tenant issues, contract disputes, civil lawsuits in Small Claims Court, and money or property disputes. They provide a wide range of legal consultations and can explain your rights and responsibilities in a legal case. Paralegals are trained to guide you to find the best solution for your legal matter. Therefore, if you have any legal issues or need legal advice, it is recommended to seek the services of a qualified paralegal.

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The Problems of a Notary Public

The notary public profession faces several issues and problems. One of the main issues is the need for more precision in selecting employees or office assistants, which can lead to unprofessional work and accountability issues for the notary. Another problem is when employees fail to perform their assigned duties well, and the notary is held responsible even if they are not at fault. It is also crucial to create order in the office, and all office staff should observe discipline in tasks such as filing documents and maintaining office equipment. Inappropriate behavior towards clients by an employee can lead to complaints to the notary, which can affect the client’s satisfaction and cause future incidents.