Should You Accept The First Settlement Offer? 

If you have been injured in a car accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance company would most likely make you a settlement offer. It is good to settle without having to make runs at the court. But you should ensure that you get a reasonable price for your injuries. You may have many questions about settlement, but there are some things you should always consider before accepting a settlement offer. Click here to contact a lawyer and learn more about your options after a car accident. 

Why Should You Never Agree To The First Offer? 

If you have been injured in a car accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance company would probably make a settlement offer to you. You may think the offer is good as the amount covers your expenses until you recover. However, the first settlement offer by insurance companies is usually a very lowball and is far less than what you deserve.

They will try to give the least amount possible to you. They aim to blow you off with the least amount possible. Insurance companies want to save as much money as possible, so the first settlement offer usually includes the lowest possible amount to cover your damages. You should only accept the first settlement offer after talking to a lawyer. A lawyer can help you correctly estimate your damages to receive your deserved compensation. They will fight for you and get you the correct amount. 

What steps should you take before accepting a settlement offer? 

  • Keep the long-term consequences of your injury in mind. 

You commonly feel that you have not suffered much damage in the accident and underestimate your injuries. When estimating your damages, you must often consider the long-term consequences of the injuries. You might not feel it now, but it will return and hurt you after some time. At that time, you cannot point a finger at someone thinking they will pay. This is where an attorney will help you. 

  • Talk to an attorney. 

A car accident attorney can review your case and ensure you correctly estimate your current and future damages. They will be your legal help and guide you in proper estimations. They can help you avoid crucial mistakes. They have seen these situations more than you and know how it goes. 

  •  Seek immediate medical help. 

The first obvious thing you should do after a car accident is to get medical treatment. This can help determine the extent of the injuries you sustained from the accident. You might feel normal on the outside, but there are internal injuries only an expert can help you with. It can also help you determine if there will be any long-term effects of your injury. These reports also help get better settlement offers for your injuries.