The penalties for altering an odometer

Customers in the market for a pre-owned car depend on truthful Odometer Tampering readings to make informed decisions. The value of a car decreases as it ages because it becomes more worn out and more expensive to maintain operating. As a result of this price drop, several shady used vehicle sales associates decided to fiddle with the cars’ odometers.

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Who is Responsible for Odometer Fraud?

When a dealer or seller intentionally reduces the mileage on a vehicle before reselling it to the general public, they are committing auto dealer fraud. This may also occur via the use of online or print classified ads. A common scam involves a buyer purchasing a high-mileage car, having the odometer roll back, and then listing the vehicle on an online marketplace.

A small but vocal minority of customers may go so far as to try to tamper with their vehicles’ odometers to circumvent mileage fees associated with their leases or warranties.

Dealership in False Mileage Claims

When attempting to sell an older vehicle, a dealership or its employees may tamper with the odometer. They make it seem like the vehicle is in good functioning condition even when it is not. The car might have a modern or older engine, but if it has many miles, the buyer could still pass on it. Because it reveals how little of a lifespan the automobile has. Odometer statement in Michigan is an essential consideration for many second-hand car purchasers. A car with over 200k miles on the odometer is unlikely to be purchased by the average consumer.

The prevention of odometer fraud

The first step in preventing odometer fraud is to identify and address the problem or implement appropriate safeguards. A potential buyer may request to examine the vehicle’s title. And verify the stated mileage against what they observe when they get behind the wheel. Vehicle inspections are crucial for avoiding the purchase of a tainted vehicle.

Documentation such as vehicle service records, inspection reports, and other documents may help explain inconsistencies. And why these purchases might not be necessary. Inaccurate readings on the car’s instruments might result from tampering or with the odometer Odometer Tampering .

If the odometer of my car has tampered, what rights do I have?

You have the right, under the law, to file a lawsuit against the person who committed odometer fraud against you. If you have been the victim of a crime. If you are successful in this case, the court will pay you triple times the number of your actual damages.

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In addition, the defendant is required to pay all fees associated with your counsel. Criminal sanctions for odometer fraud exist in addition to these civil fines.


To sum it up, the seller should provide Odometer statement in Michigan detailing the vehicle’s mileage before you buy. Sign the disclosure form or finalize the deal only after you’ve gotten answers to any questions. Like why the mileage doesn’t match the odometer reading or what you were told.

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