The Role of the Court Reporter in Legal Proceedings

The Role of the Court Reporter in Legal Proceedings

As a result of technological advancements, an increasing number of vocations have been replaced by their equivalents performed by machines. When there is so much technology accessible, there are others who feel that the position of court reporter might soon be on the list of occupations that lose their worth. However, in order for some occupations, like this one, to perform in the correct manner, a human quality is required.

The court reporter is the one who is responsible for creating a verbatim record of the judicial proceedings using a stenograph. They transcribe the court proceedings using this stenograph, which allows them to do it in shorthand. The introduction of audio technology does not render the position of court reporter obsolete; rather, it enables them to do their duties with an increased level of productivity.

Effectiveness as well as Dependability

When analysing the rationale for switching to technology, the decision is often based on whether alternative is more time and resource efficient as well as trustworthy. Therefore, it is necessary for us to delve into some specifics on the significance of having court reporters phoenix present.

Having the Power

People now have the ability, because to advancements in audio technology, to record conversations in a very thorough manner. However, if there is a crossover in speech by numerous speakers, some items will not be able to be captured. This indicates that in addition to a human recording everything that is being said, there must also be a human listening in order to get the whole truth. It is true that individuals now have the ability to record thanks to technological advancements, but this should indicate that the job has become more complex and now needs training in audio recording technology on the side. This would be the most effective method that could also be relied upon.

We just cannot take that risk

The primary responsibility of court reporters is to record every single word that is said inside the confines of the courtroom. All the while making a distinction between the people who are speaking and disregarding the noise in the background. One of the most challenging scenarios is one in which two solicitors or other participants in the legal process talk over one other.

New tech Supports

When compared to its predecessor, the tape recorder, today’s audio technology has reached a considerably more sophisticated level. However, if there is even the slightest possibility that this technique may lose speech in a circumstance in which two persons are speaking over each other, then that whole section of speech has been lost to case. This is particularly relevant in the event that the case is taken to a higher court. To put it another way, we are unable to take that risk until it has been perfected.