When Do I Need an Arkansas Social Security Disability Attorney?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits may be available if you have been disabled due to an accident or disease. However, applying for and receiving these benefits is complicated, and the Social Security Administration turns down most initial claimants. Even if your initial SSDI claim was denied, you may be able to reapply for benefits.

Without the assistance of an expert Arkansas disability attorney, proving your condition and eligibility for benefits can be challenging. An attorney for Social Security can assist you in filing for benefits and representing you in any necessary appeals.

The Value of Hiring an Arkansas Social Security Disability Attorney

Did you know that sixty percent of people who apply for Social Security Disability Insurance for the first time are turned down? Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits is lengthy and complicated. Most people applying for SSDI should hire an attorney with experience in the field to increase their chances of approval. Hiring a lawyer to assist you through the application and appeals processes for Social Security Disability can considerably increase your chances of support and help you avoid making any mistakes that might be very expensive.

Information Gathering and Application

With the assistance of your attorney, submitting the necessary paperwork and applying for Social Security Disability benefits will be a breeze. This is a difficult and lengthy aspect of filing a claim.

Your attorney must demonstrate that you meet the SSA’s medical and financial criteria before your application for SSDI benefits will be approved. This requires documentation of sufficient “work credits” earned during previous employment.

Your lawyer must start preparing your claim by collecting the evidence you will need to back up your claims.

  • Sensitive data,
  • Tax Return Instructions
  • Paperwork for opening a bank account
  • Treatment histories and prescriptions
  • Prescription drug profile
  • Work Experience

History and Major Events

Your attorney for Social Security Disability will monitor the progress of your claim throughout the entire procedure. They can advocate for you with Social Security Administration officials. Your application will have a better chance of being approved if your lawyer is there to address any queries and communicate with their representatives on your behalf.

Help with the Appeals Process

A technical or medical reason could be given for your SSDI application being turned down. 

You have 60 days from the denial letter date to request that your claim be reconsidered. Having legal representation on your side throughout an appeals process is crucial. To convince the Social Security Administration that you are disabled and need benefits, your lawyer must acquire additional proof. They will not settle your claim unless you provide fresh medical or financial records.